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  • North Water Supply System in Wieliszew: First Dissolved Air Flotation Plant use for potable water
  • Chlorine warehouse located on the premises of Water Treatment Plant Wieliszew: The most modern chlorine neutralization installation in Poland.
  • Building of Intermediate Ozonation and Carbon Filters in Warsaw: The largest investment of water supply system in Poland.
  • WTP 25th of June in Radom City
  • WTP in Kobiernice – UV disinfection chamber
  • Extension of the Water Treatment Plant "25th of June"
  • Modernization of Water treatment plant in Kobiernice
  • Modernization of Water treatment plant 'Labedy'
  • Extension of WTP "Lesiów"
  • Water Treatment Plant "Potkanów"
  • Modernization Water Treatment Plant in Raba
  • Extension of the filters in Skawina
  • Modernization of the filter's chamber WTP "Malczew"

Potable water

We have been dealing in water treatment technologies for many years. We execute projects on “turn-key” basis, including design, necessary consultations and permits, construction and assembly works, start – up and commissioning. We execute special installations in potable and process water treatment plants. We modernize plants and installations, together with elaborations of the conceptual design and testing, including performance tests. For the plants executed by us we offer a full range of service.


We have been dealing in equipment deliveries for over 18 years. Our offer includes equipment, which is used in many branches of industry as well as in public utility companies. We have completed almost 6000 deliveries to approximately 600 customers. We offer equipment along with design, commissioning and servicing.